Have you Tried a “Neuropathy Formula” and didn’t get Relief?

I know that in 2004, there were no formulas that worked to restore health to the nerves.   About 2010, many people started different formulas as they found many people had the problem of symptoms from nerve damage (neuropathy).

Some offered some B vitamins and other supplements, some had lots of herbs to cover up the symptoms, and one even said it was an enzyme that the person needed.

There are lots of things that will cover up the pain, etc. (mostly herbs), there are antioxidants and other supplements that do help.

I found that there are specific vitamins that the body needs to build nerve health and restore health to the nerves.   The more health, the less symptoms.   I also found that no matter what the cause of the nerve damage, the body still needed the same vitamins.

I know many people who have tried different formulas and got frustrated and disappointed trying to get relief.

There are many things you can do to help get some relief and there is something you can do to build nerve health.  Combining this is a good idea and making sure you are taking the right things are vital.   Life style changes also help.

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