How to decide which supplement you really need?

What is the secret for getting results with supplements?

Are you discourged because you have failed to find the right supplement to fix you health challenge?

The trick is understanding the condition so you get the right supplement.

You must educate yourself on what it really takes to build health. Specifically health in the part of the body that you have your attention on or which is creating a larger problem to your health.

And this is not just being told what helps to build Your Health, but getting the understanding of why it will build health.

An example is something which I’ve worked with for over 15 years, deciding which supplements for neuropathy. I’ve seen many many supplement companies start up (and sometimes fail) that sold supplements for neuropathy. They each had a different idea of what to use that will diminish the pain and symptoms.

Some worked to give some of the B vitamins but usually had additionally things like anti-oxidants and herbs. Anti-oxidants will actually bring some relief and stop the progression of nerve damage (which is what neuropathy is) and the herbs will just cover up symptoms. One supplement even claims that enzymes are what will make nerves healthy again but it mainly includes things that cover up the symptoms.

Covering up the symptoms, I know that it is very welcome to the neuropathy sufferer. But it sometimes isn’t strong enough and the results wouldn’t last – you definitely wouldn’t want to stop taking it.

I remember when I first discovered a supplement for neuropathy that I still recommend.

Why did I know that this Nerve Support Formula worked – it had the ingredients that I knew gave to body what it needs to restore health to the nerves. I was educated on the subject and I know what was needed. (You can check Nerve Health to find out why these vitamins are needed)

It occurred to me that it is true for any health problem. If it is the liver – what does the liver need with what is going on, in order to build health for the liver? The same idea went for the heart, the digestive system, etc. etc. It even works with immunity. What does the body need in order to have a healthy immune system that would ward off any variant of any virus, bacteria or fungus? Interesting idea.

So, I used to call MCVitamins, “How to Survive Despite a Fast Food Lifestyle“. This came about because the food that people consume creates all sorts of deficiencies, not to mention the chemical medicines, the pharmaceuticals that also create problems.

I changed it to Get Educated and Take Control of Your Health.

Understanding what is going on with your body and the health challenges you are experiencing will let you look and see which supplement you should chose to create health.

MCVitamins has always been about finding the right supplement formula that we found to work, and will help you and always will. But when you understand what health is and how it is created, you can be in control of things and make the right choices.

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