Post-Long Haul Symptoms by Dr. Berg

What are Long Haul Symptoms (persistence symptoms), and what can you do about them? Find out!

What can you do when you continue to have symptoms after an infection? Let’s talk about this.

When you continue to have symptoms after a virus, it is known as a post-viral syndrome. This happens because of three reasons:

• Viruses crease major oxidative stress in the body
• Inflammation
• The infection itself

Viral infections cause free radicle damage that can take a long time to recover from—especially if you do not have a large antioxidant reserve.

Infections also deplete vitamins and minerals, which can cause chronic fatigue and other symptoms related to nutrient deficiencies. Nutrients act as antioxidants.

One of the most common residual problems after covid is chronic fatigue syndrome, which includes symptoms like:

• Muscle fatigue/pain
• Headache
• Brain fog
• Difficulty breathing
• Depression
• Post-exertional malaise
• Chest pain
• Dizziness
• Bouts of sweating
• Loss of smell
• Poor memory

These symptoms are common with a deficiency in nutrients like vitamin B1 and B3.

The best nutrients for long-haul persistence symptoms are:

1. Selenium – 200mcg

2. Vitamin D – 20,000IU

3. Vitamin B1 – 50mg 2X daily

4. Vitamin B3 – 500mg 2X daily

5. Vitamin C – 500mg

6. Zinc – 50mg

7. Magnesium – 400mg

Studies show that 42% of people with post infection long haul symptoms are selenium deficient, and 76% are vitamin D deficient. Make sure you replenish crucial nutrients to help support your infection recovery. *

Dr. Berg’s Vitamns now has formulas that include the above recommended. (Remember B vitamin does not always equal B, etc. good quality vitamins are necessary) See this page includes a high quality natural B1 for this progream)


Why do you want to eat right?

Most people are told to eat a healthy diet, etc., but what is the underlying reason..  A lot of people say to lose weight and be healthy,  others to protect themselves from “germs” or “disease”.

The “germ theory” says that we have to protect ourselves from the virus infections or bacterial infections or other “germs”.thus, the idea is that you have to take  certain vitamins, herbs or minerals that will protect you  from these “germs” and thus disease.

However, a much better viewpoint is that if the body is healthy, that “terrain” can not be invaded by “germs”,   There is no place for them to infect.    Do you know what a virus has variants?   Because they alter things so they can find a way to work themselves into an ailing body.    They are trying to survive.   Variants spread easier, but are always weaker.

I think its easier to have a healthy body which is resistant to any “germ” that might be trying to invade it.

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Among 8- to 20-year-olds, Type 2 diabetes diagnoses tripled in 2020 at Children’s National Hospital in Washington, D.C.; school closures and reduced physical activity triggered by the pandemic were likely factors in the sudden rise

Among U.S. adults who responded to the American Psychological Association’s 2021 Stress in America poll, 42% said they had gained more weight than they intended since the pandemic started  

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