Swollen Ankles?

I’m forwarding this message from a nutritionist I follow as it is good advice to those with swollen ankles.

“On retaining water ; Potassium is good 600 to 1000 mg per day. You must start improving your cardiovascular system as it is a sign of poor circulation.”   Dr. Stephen Price

There are lots of good supplements that will help to improve circulation, so that gives you a direction to go in if you have swollen ankles.

To your Health!!

Why all of a Sudden is Everyone Deficient in Vitamin D?

I saw this title and immediately wanted to find out what it said.  I had noticed this change where people were taking mega doses of vitamin D and it was even prescribed by their medical doctor.   I then checked Dr. Oz’s take on it and he said “Most people are deficient in this crucial cancer-fighting vitamin. Find out how this supplement superstar helps to prevent 3 different types of cancer.”

Funny, talking about a vitamin as a preventative.   Perhaps, we should just build good health and not worry about “disease” and what we should take to try and ward it off.

Then I listened to Dr. Berg’s video which  explained how vitamin D worked and what relationship it had with other vitamins.   It is very much worth the time to understand this.

You can find it here Vitamin D

Chemo Brain & What Can Be Done

There has been a big debate over chemo brain for almost as long as chemotherapy has been around.   After receiving chemotherapy, a person complains about their ability to remember, learn and they talk about the constant fog they feel they are in.

When a person complains about sharp pains in their toes, the doctor knows it neuropathy and gives them a pamphlet “Living with Neuropathy”.  But what about when their thinking is getting foggy?

There are many reasons put forth and all you have to do is search for the term “chemo brain” on the Internet and you will find lots of theories and back and forth.  Suggestions about “brain games” are even made to help you get your wits back.

Here is the information that we’ve found regarding Chemo Fog

With Nerve Damage, you need more than an antioxidant.

In the last year or so, the number of articles written about neuropathy has grown and with this number the different “natural” remedies have grown.  I even find new “remedies” that come and go on a regular basis which claim they have the ingredients to help neuropathy.

Most remedies that I found claim antioxidants are the thing that will help, but others have their own combinations.

The real bottom line is will it build healthy nerves?  What does the body need to build healthy nerves?

The right tools for Neuropathy, read about it here.

Fibromyalgia and Neuropathy

I’ve often noticed a similarity between the symptoms of fibromyalgia and neuropathy.  I even knew someone who was diabnosed as having fibromyalgia who tried the remedy for neuropathy (WSN Nerve Support Formula) with good results.  I thought at the time that maybe she was misdiagnosed and really had neuropathy

Recently there was a study done on some people with small fiber poly neuropathy and half of them were found to have neuropathy.

Here is an article on Fibromyalgia which talks about these studies later in the article, and has a link to the actual study.

It would be nice to know that some people can get relief from their fibromyalgia by addressing it as neuropathy.    I know how debilitating fibromyalgia can be,

Are Menopausal Symptoms Normal?

I remember a friend who had problems with menopause.   She went to a medical doctor who told her that in the past, people didn’t live as long as now, so it wasn’t a problem.  The medical doctor then tried to “balance her hormones”.

Okay, another weird fact?  People didn’t live as long. There was a 75th anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg in which a lot of original participants in the war showed up. 2000 Soldiers. They were in their 90s. (average age was 94)  There was also one funeral in 1916 where about 50 of the people who were in the same division as the deceased was in attendance, one was 101 years old. We don’t live as long?

It appears that the longevity is an average and there are reasons why people died early and thus the average age was lowered, but not true that people didn’t live so long so it wasn’t a problem.

However, menopausal symptoms are not normal. There is information on this and even a great video by Dr. Berg who sums it up quite easily.   “Menopausal Symptoms Normal – Think Again”   

Read Menopause

There is even information on what you can do about it. 


Do you treat the symptoms or the cause of the problem?

I’ve come across this quite often where some health problem is treated by addressing the symptom instead of finding out why that symptom exists and treating that.  How many medical doctors think that they are naturopaths by addressing sleep with tart cherry instead of a drugs.  But they are still treating the symptoms.  Finding out why the person can’t sleep and treating that would be a nutritional handling of the problem.

Here is a video done by Dr. Eric Berg on What is the Cause of Fatigue?   He goes over this exact point.

What are alternative Cancer Treatments?

When we think of cancer, we think of the standard medical treatments – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. We don’t have to list them as there is a lot written in hundreds of websites that you can find by searching the internet.

Most people have heard that there are alternative methods and that most of these are from outside the US.   But what are they?

We’ve heard from different people about the alternative methods that have been used and with their successes.  McVitamins now has a page that lists that various alternative treatments that we have been made aware of.  The list will grow as new methods are found.

You can find the list along with websites and books about these methods, so you can investigate and make up your own mind.

Cancer Treatments