Baby Formula Shortage

Apparently, there has a been a shortage of infant formula especially for specialties such as for allergies, digestive issues, etc.   This has recently been made worse due to the FDA closing down a very big plant (about 30% of the production) due to a bacteria problem.

Here is a suggestion of a alternative way to feed the baby which idea came from a practitioner who sees the problem daily.

Difficulty finding infant formula

A Quiz to create a program for Nerve Health (and lessening of symptoms)

There is a new quiz which is designed to create a personal program to restore health to your nerves.

There are lots of nerve support formulas around since 2010 that try to help a person relieve the symptoms of neuropathy.   Three is actually the original nerve support formula that was available earlier since 2004.  Some are good, some fair and many are just covering up the symptoms.

The person’s activities in life can impact creating nerve health.

The new quiz asks the question so that a real program can be developed to relieve the symptoms while building health for the nerves.

You can access it here  QUIZ