Are your Beauty Products Toxic?

A lot of beauty products are on the market have chemicals that you put on ou skin and hair, and that matters.  Your skin can absorb those chemicals

Dr. Berg has created natural products for your hair & scalp,, face cream, and a “clear skin” product.

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Dr. Berg Heath Formulas

Did you see the commercial about “no hormones”?

it’s all about celebrating finding an IUD that has absolutely no hormones?

Huh?   Its a dance routine where they are prancing around, liking a dog in a carriage instead of a baby and flirting – because……. an IUD with no hormones.

However, they also say it has copper.   Not sure why this is new as there have been copper infused IUDs for maybe 40 years or so.    And IUDs can give you heavier periods and menstrual cramps worse.  It also isn’t recommended for women who are, or might be, allergic to copper, or women who have Wilson’s disease.

But then again, no mention of having this copper IUD in your body — I’ve heard a lot about the dangers of having mercury in your teeth, but copper is okay?

Certain liver or kidney conditions that prevent you from properly metabolizing copper can also expose you to copper toxicity, even if you’re not exposed to copper contamination.   There might be other reasons that will contribute to copper toxcity.

Do your homework before deciding about “no hormones”.

If you love “no hormones” then you should know the symptoms of copper toxicity.

  • headaches
  • fever
  • passing out
  • feeling sick
  • throwing up
  • blood in your vomit
  • diarrhea
  • black poop
  • abdominal cramps
  • brown ring-shaped markings in your eyes (Kayser-Fleischer rings)
  • yellowing of eyes and skin (jaundice)
  • feeling anxious or irritable
  • having trouble paying attention
  • feeling overexcited or overwhelmed
  • feeling unusually sad or depressed
  • sudden changes in your mood