A New Product for the Gut Health of Special Needs Children

Gut Health of Special Needs childrenFor the last 2 years we’ve been waiting for a new natural, nutritional formulation to help children with special needs. It has now been developed and it’s called Teknon, which means “child” in ancient Greek.

Teknon has been used in a trial in Dubai with many children and improvements were seen in digestion, sleep patterns, cognition, social communication skills, and behavior.

I am very excited to let you know that Teknon is now available in the US.

There is a webinar where John Payne, CEO of Purelife Health Sciences Group, speaks with Amal Tolba, Founder and Director of the Hope Abilitation and Medical Center in Dubai. John provides the science behind the development of Teknon and 2 success stories from US children it has helped.

This video already has almost 12,000 views on YouTube as there are so many parents around the world trying to help their special needs child.

Please watch the webinar video here:  Teknon

Find out more at Gut Health for Special Needs Children

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Can’t Stay Asleep? Study Findings Say “Eat More Fruits + Veggies”

Fruits and vegetables for sleep.According to experts, healthy adults should sleep between seven and nine hours per night. After noticing a rise in people with insomnia and those getting too little sleep, researchers in Finland examined the correlation between fruit and vegetable consumption and its impact on sleep—revealing a strong association.

For their study, researchers looked at data from 5,043 adults aged 18 and older participating in the National FinHealth 2017 Study. For the study, participants shared their sleep duration and dietary intake of fruits and vegetables. The researchers also looked at other factors such as socioeconomic status and demographics. They also used a sensitivity analysis to exclude “energy under-reporters” to remove that variable.

The researchers compared the average amount of fruits and vegetables eaten by people with different sleep durations—short sleepers (averaging 6 hours per night), normal (averaging 7.7 hours per night), and long (averaging 10.1 hours per night). They found that short sleepers consumed 37 fewer grams of fruits and vegetables a day than normal sleepers and long sleepers consumed 73 grams less per day. Plus, that correlation held true with a variety of statistical models.

Given the strong link between fruit and vegetable consumption and sleep duration, the researchers emphasized the importance of looking at lifestyle variables when treating sleep disorders. They also recommend focusing on the fruit and vegetable groups with the strongest association, such as leafy greens.


Do you need to find out what to do for heathy eating.   There is a program to educate you. There’s a lot of false information out there about nutrition. Find out the true, science-based facts that will allow you to take control of your health.  Go to Eat Well Nutritional Educational Course to get educated.


Could your health problems be a non-alcoholic Fatty Liver?

Liver as the problem Not all fatty livers are caused by alcohol.  There are so many other reasons that you might have a fatty liver.  Toxins of all kinds create a problem.

The liver is the major organ for detoxification. It detoxifies, by metabolizing and/or secreting the toxins out of the body.  A damaged fatty liver does not work to do its job.

Think of all the problems that can be created when your body can’t metabolize food, supplements, etc.  nor able to detoxify viruses, fungus or bacteria.

Learn about a Fatty Liver and decide what to do next.

Introducing Purelife Care+

This natural nutritional supplement that works at the cellular level to improve metabolism and gut health, thereby reducing insulin resistance and inflammation.

PureLife Care + is based on scientific studies, there are special natural ingredients that have been found to support an optimum metabolism. Due to the quality of food available today, most people are deficient in the vitamins and minerals needed by the body for optimal health.  With all these positive nutritional effects of PureLife Care+ you will notice a difference in your health.

What makes Purelife Care+ Different from other Supplements?

Have you ever found a supplement that you felt was going to improve your health, or help your health challenge. and found it didn’t work? But the ingredients seem so right for this problem?

Unfortunately, many supplements do not provide the hoped-for nutritional benefits because the ingredients never make it to the cells where the nutrition is needed to improve health.

The effectiveness of natural nutrition depends on how quickly and efficiently the nutrients are absorbed into the bloodstream and how easily the nutritional elements can pass across every cell membrane, access target sites within the cells, be absorbed, and interact with all the relevant enzymes and other cellular components to create their health enhancing abilities.

Purelife Care+, the result of 27 years of research, offers the solution to this problem because it contains ERDS™, which are natural ingredients that enhance absorption of the important nutrition by the cells.

ERDS improves the amount of absorption of nutrients by 300% and the speed of absorption by 500% so the needed nutrition reaches the cells and you get the results you want.

It contains special, natural ingredients that help to support good overall health. It can be helpful to consume these ingredients all in one supplement and PureLife Care+ has that.

You can learn more and Order at PureLife Care+

Elderberry Benefits for Your Health

health benefits of elderberryI heard a commerical for a drug that was designed to stop a virus from replicating.   Really, I thought, why not just use elderberry.   I knew that was what elderberry did.

Next time I went to the Market at the Oyler’s Organic Farms, I remembered that they had elderberry syrup for sale.  I bought some.   Then some how after taking it I realized my tree pollen allergy got so much better that I hardly remembered I had that allergy.  Hmm.

So I did some checking on all the things that elderberry has in it vitamin wise and all the benefits it has for your health.

Read:  Elderberry (yes, I even included the trials on how elderberry stops any virus from replicating)


Eye Floaters

eye floatersNow, these are not dangerous to your sight but so annoying.   Just what you need a cobweb between you and the world around you.   Fortunately, they can move but always come back.

I know how annoying they can be, so I looked around and found what information I could and have an article on MCVitamins on what diet can do to get rid of this problem.

It does take work to get rid of them, but intermittent fasting and changing your diet to get the best vitamins that your eyes need, Of course, a better diet and you will feel all around good.    Eye Floaters

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Celiac Disease and a side effect neuropathy?

I wanted to forward this article that was written by Real Health Products.  It may be of interest to those with Celiac Disease or even if you only have stomach problems from eating GMO products.

Does Glutceliac disease en Cause Neuropathy?
by Real Health Products

Approximately 10 percent of people with Celiac disease (a digestive disease that damages the small intestine and interferes with absorption of nutrients from food) develop neurologic symptoms, according to the Center for Peripheral Neuropathy.

In people with a gluten sensitivity, eating foods with gluten protein triggers an autoimmune reaction. The body attacks the gluten with antibodies in the same way that antibodies attack viruses.

This damages the intestines. Intestinal damage inhibits absorption of nutrients, often leading to nutrient deficiencies. Vitamin deficiencies could be to blame for gluten intolerance.

Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy, describes a range of disorders characterized by nerve damage to one or more nerves outside of the brain and spinal cord.

Often the cause of the neuropathy is unknown, though autoimmune diseases and vitamin deficiencies are some of the potential causes, according to the Mayo Clinic. Gluten neuropathy is when the autoimmune response is the root cause of the nerve damage.

A study published in Muscle & Nerve journal in December 2006 found that participants with neuropathy who followed a no-gluten diet showed significant improvement in symptoms after one year. The control group reported worsening of symptoms.

People who have a gluten intolerance do not respond to simple allergy tests like someone with a milk or nut allergy might. The gentlest way to figure out if someone is sensitive to gluten is dietary therapy. Avoid gluten for several weeks, then reintroduce it and observe any reactions.

Once it is known that a person has a problem with gluten, the best course of action is abstinence. People with any degree of gluten sensitivity or intolerance should completely give it up. This means not only avoiding obvious foods like bread and pasta, but also foods like soy sauce and licorice that contain small amounts of wheat.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives. Pastas made with rice flour or quinoa don’t have gluten in them. Rice bread can replace bread made from grains containing gluten. Buckwheat flour contains no gluten and works well for pancakes. Some companies even make soy sauce that doesn’t use wheat in the ingredients. It is simply a matter of reading labels and shopping around.

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