Cholesterol – Do You Understand It?

I realized recently that I didn’t really understand what the HDL or the LDL, the good and bad cholesterol, was or what it all meant.  I’ve noticed the large amount of people, who are very concerned with their cholesterol levels and are taking Statin Drugs.  There are far too many side effects that are connected to these drugs for me to feel good about it. .

Finding a good product that I trusted and would be willing to recommend led me to have to investigate the ingredients in the various cholesterol lowering supplements available on the market.   Did that open my eyes.

So, the article on McVitamins was re-written so that you can better understand what it all means.   When you better understand anything, you are better able to control and fix the problem.

After understanding HDL, it occurred to me that we all might benefit from taking something that increased the good cholesterol, instead of just trying to block the “bad” cholesterol which the body uses to be healthy.   After all,no matter how hard I try, I sometimes wind up eating incorrectly when on the run or on vacation.

My advice, read this article. Cholesterol