What is the Cause of your Neuropathy?

I’ve heard time and time again, from someone suffering from neuropathy, that they don’t know the cause of their neuropathy, and that it was called idiopathic neuropathy by their doctor. That’s just a fancy word for not knowing the cause.

There is a long list of possible causes of neuropathy.   Neuropathy means nerve damage and any way in which a nerve can be damaged, can be the cause.   It is even found that sometimes there was some earlier nerve damage, but not enough for someone to notice until something else contributed to the damage and then it became obvious that something was wrong.   So you can have more than one cause of neuropathy.  It is sometimes a combination of things

Why is it important to know what caused the neuropathy?

When it comes to fixing the nerve damage, the cause doesn’t matter.   The body needs specific tools (nutrients in the form of specific vitamins) in order to repair the damaged nerve, however, knowing the cause or causes of the damage is important.

If something is causing nerve damage, it can continue to cause nerve damage and the condition can get worse.  With diabetes, its fairly simple, keep the blood sugars low so more damage is not created.   If you are continually exposed to a toxin that can cause nerve damage, you would stay away from that toxin.

An example:  If there are toxic chemicals in the person’s environment (cleaning or maybe paints, etc.), and the person is not aware that it can cause nerve damage, and they don’t stop doing whatever it is that is creating the problem then the condition just gets worse.    A painter constantly exposed to his chemicals can get nerve damage but it might not be enough to notice until a second cause is introduced, perhaps he has a food allergy and the food thus becomes toxic to him.   Now he has two causes, and he begins to know something is wrong.

There are many variations to this.    Maybe the painter instead of a food allergy is given a medication that has a possible side effect of nerve damage again he now begins to feel symptoms as the earlier damage is made worse.

There are things that cause neuropathy, they are definable and can be addressed to stop any more damage.

We have a page on the website McVitamins.com that gives you a list of all the possible things that are known to cause neuropathy.    When you see the various causes, you can spot the cause or you can locate the combination of things that create this problem.

You can see the list here http://www.mcvitamins.com/neuropathy-risk-factors-nerve-pain.htm

Here’s to your health.

The Cause of Your Neuropathy, is it Unknown

I’ve been talking to people about their neuropathy for 14 years.  I  offer a quiz to help people to know what can make the neuropathy worse, or what will slow down building healthy nerves when taking supplements.  (Here is the quiz, if you are interested – Quiz 

One thing that I get often is that the cause of their neuropathy (nerve damage) is unknown.   Not only does that bother me as they could be doing something everyday that creates more nerve damage, but I don’t understand why the cause can’t be found.

So, on that note, here is an article where all the causes of nerve damage is listed.

Causes of Neuropathy (Risk Factors)