Fast Foods – What they do to Your Health?

Unhealthy, fast foods had become such a part of daily life.  The site was created to get people to understand what unhealthy nutrition can do to your health.  It has grown.  There are many subjects both preventative and what to do when you find you have a health problem.

There is a search function on the site and you can read up on whatever interests you.  The button above The McVitamins Website will bring you to the website.

We found an article recently about Fast Food entitled “Your Body & Fast Food”and wanted to share it with you.   You can find it here

To your health!

Trouble Losing Weight even Though You Diet and Exercise?

Sound familiar? I hear it all the time and have worked on helping people with this problem.

Okay, there is a new educational book by Dr. Eric Berg called The Healthy Keto Plan (his earlier book Body Type Guide and  the 7 Principals of Fat Burning.) The new book has so much information that is written to be easily understood.

Find out what your body type is and what you can do to Get Healthy, Lose Weight and Feel Great.