New – Prostate Support Formula

Prostate health is a something that affects every part of a man’s

Having a healthy prostate means that you don’t have to experience
frequent urination, which can interrupt your life and more
importantly, your sleep.

Now, there is a unique nutritional supplement with seven nutrients
designed to support normal urine flow and a healthy prostate.

Here is what one person had to say about using it:


“Before I started on the Prostate Support Formula, I would take
frequent night trips to the bathroom and not get a good night’s sleep
for any long period of time.

“I’ve tried 3 or 4 other products with pretty much no success at all.

“When I started on the Prostate Support Formula from Real Health
Products, I started getting 4 to 8 hours of sleep, which I haven’t
experienced in years.”

From Keith in Canada


The RHP Prostate Support Formula is a targeted, natural solution
specifically formulated to support natural inflammation response of
the body, normal urine flow, normal prostate size and healthy prostate

You can find out more and order the RHP Prostate Support Formula

Why Supplements Send People to the ER

Now that is scary, isn’t it?  Can the supplements I take be so bad for my health that I can wind up in the ER?

There was this quiz and I am skeptical that it wasn’t just written by the drug companies who want you to switch from taking things to build your health to taking their drugs.  But it might be someone with incorrect information trying to make sure you chose wisely.

Either way, here is an article written that evaluates this.

Why Supplements Send People to the ER

A Success Story from a Girl with Stage IV Lung Cancer

I had a relative die from this disease.   She spent 15 months fighting it through a lot of nausea, dizziness, etc. etc. etc.   Besides the chemo, they had her on 12 different drugs and a local drug store version of B12.   She was announced cancer free on New Years and by March, I thought she had really beat it and was ready to say – I guess this works.  Okay, she was now in a wheelchair, but she was alive and sounded really good.   Then her body crashed – how many chemicals can the body metabolize – and died shortly after.

Then I found out a friend had the same disease.  Sigh.  But instead of chemo she took off to Hungry for a group called “Hope Floats”   I could go on about what a great treatment this is, but thought I’d just let my friend talk for herself and for them.

Here is her story – Success Using an Alternative Treatment

Advanced Help to Create Healthy Nerves

For many people, the ingredients in the RHP® Nerve Support Formula provides enough nutritional support to get them the changes and results they are looking for to build nerve health.

Some people may need additional nutritional support to get those same changes and results.

Some people have trouble using Folic Acid (B9) which is important to activate B12.

Added ingredients give these people what they need.

Read  RHP Advanced Nerve Support Formula

Folic Acid/Folate – The Body Needs it – Vitamin B9

B9 is another B vitamin that your body needs as well as needing it in combination with other B vitamins. For instance, it is needed to activate B12.

A while ago, I talked to a reader who told me she couldn’t take B9, that she did not assimilate it.   Well, I found out that there was now a new form of it called Quatrefolic.

Quatrefolic (r).  it has higher bioavailability and can be used by those people who aren’t able to readily use folic acid – Vitamin B9

Here is a page on this, it will be expanded.   Quatrefolic 



How Do Drugs Create Side Effects?

Anyone who has watched a drug commercial on TV has heard the long list of possible side effects that goes along with taking the drug.

The only reason I can think that someone would still want to take a drug is that they either don’t believe it or have a gambler’s desire to play the odds.

Why do drugs create side effects?  Read   How Do Drugs Create Side Effects?


Why Don’t Supplements Seem to Work?

Have you ever addressed a health issue with dietary supplements or medical foods, and found that it didn’t really seem to help, or kept taking them hoping one day…. here is an article telling us why

Why Don’t Supplements Seem to Work?

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