Another new study… Low Carb Diets Will Shorten Your Life?

I guess the keto diet is becoming too popular and people are getting healthier.   Now their is a study done – contradicting earlier studies – that you need to eat more carbs for health??

New Scientific Study… what does it mean?  

Every other day it seems, there is a new study that is published which states that something is good for you or bad for you. It could be a study about food, or supplements, or how easy it is for you to get some dreaded disease. And there are many times that the study contradicts an earlier one.  And the next study contradicts that one. Do we believe them?

You need to know that studies are paid for by tax dollars and by companies that have a vested interest in the study. They are looking to prove that you should take a certain drug, or prescription vitamin, or that you should be wary of a specific way of living.

Vested interest means that they may be out to prove their hypothesis so they can sell you a drug or prevent you from using the competitor’s product.

Then there is the overwhelming problem, that one study doesn’t prove a thing. There are so many variables, that you can’t possible expect that a 100-300 person study (people who have been picked for the study) to show something conclusively.

So next time you decide you should not take something due to the “latest” study. Read up what it really is. Find out the science behind the nutritionally sound concept of nutrition or what your body needs to function.

Or investigate the actual studies and what other studies have been done – you can find them on

And here is a educational video by Dr. Berg giving you information about this latest study on Carbs 

Coffee, can it also be good for you?

After many years of not drinking coffee as I felt it wasn’t good for me.  I found some new evidence that it actually is good for you.  And this isn’t something coming by scientists doing research paid for by the drug companies, but by known nutritionists.

Here is an article by Dr. Mercola explaining some interesting information.

And one by Dr. Axe

Worth looking into.

What is Autism? What can be done?

Autism is much talked about and effects 1 in every 45 children.   There is a broad spectrum of symptoms and types of autism and it has grown due to this.  There are a lot of theories about what causes it.

But is it something that can be addressed with diet that WILL make a difference.

Read Autism

Hip & Knee Joints, Why They Wear Out

Have you noticed how many people are getting knee and hip replacements.  It is gaining support and someone with a lot of pain, is very happy with the fact that they now don’t have any pain.

Of course, it never addressed the reason that joints wear out.  Since knee replacements are often followed by hip replacements, it might be good to find out.

And it would be good to find out before you go to have your knee replaced by an artificial metal joint.

Hip Joints, why they wear out? what to do

The Side Effects of Vaccinations

Recently the State of California mandated that all children get 60 different vaccinations.  This was done for their safety?

From studies done, the vaccinations are not really effective and have lots of side effects.

One of the main side effects is neuropathy or nerve damage.   Almost every vaccination has at least one neurotoxin (toxic to the nerves) in it.

Here is an article on Vaccine Side Effects Including Nerve Damage

More on Dental Cavities and Reversing Tooth Decay

We found an article on How to Heal Cavities Naturally.  

It appears that they’ve also read the studies that appear in our earlier link – which we will repeat it here Reversing Tooth Decay

We are currently doing the research on this and have also worked out a regime with a nutritionist.   Will share it when we learn more and get results.

Read the Article on our Site. Dental Health and Dental Care

There is a book on the above and it not only gives you good information about dental care, but a regimen of what to take for health teeth.

To your Health,



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A Healthy Diet – Do You Know What That Is?

I’m amazed whenever I hear the words either in print or on radio or TV – “eat a healthy diet.”   The problem is that it is never defined.   Does a healthy diet mean you eat low fat?- some people believe that is true.   Or is it that you eat lots of fruit and vegetables?   What about protein – is meat okay?

I’ve  heard lots of bits and pieces, but mostly its just “a healthy diet”.  I’ve even heard that a healthy diet means you exercise … what?    Am I supposed to somehow innately know what that means?   Did I miss that in class one day?   Surely there must be a definition somewhere.

There used to be a food pyramid, that got replaced by a plate showing what should be on that plate each day.  Both seems rather silly and neither said anything about whether the food should be processed or GMO free.   I always wondered who made these up – someone in the government, but not who or why they thought this was the ideal diet.   I thought maybe they all voted on it.   It somehow was made up by “nutritional educators”.  Whoever that might be.

Try as I may, no one really gives you a definitive answer.   It’s funny too because I’ve never heard someone actually ask for a list of what to eat.  I never heard one of the health gurus come up what a list, or a guideline – just “eat a healthy diet”.

My search got some results.  I found a nutritionist who actually printed off a list of foods to eat.  Really.

You can read it here.   Good Food.

I’d be interested in seeing what you think.


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Reverse Tooth Decay?

What?  Reverse Tooth Decay?   I was surprised when I read this title as I’ve been told my whole life that once a tooth is decayed the dentist will try and clean it out with his drill and fill it.  And thereby hopefully somehow saving the tooth. And, of course, if it is too far gone, the inevitable words, it will have to be pulled.

I myself have had too many teeth pulled and so was interested in finding out what this was about.   I was surprised to find out that this research was done in 1922 yet I’ve never heard anything about it. Or maybe I wasn’t really surprised that the research was  never followed up on.  It is amazing the research you can find not acted upon if you search for it.

Here is the article, I very much want to share it and will be doing follow up research myself

Reversing Tooth Decay

To your Dental Health,


Chemo Brain (Chemo Fog) Research

The medical doctors, who use drugs to address disease, usually just cover up the symptoms of that disease and make the patient feel better.   With cancer, they use the drug to attack these cells and tumors which attack a health body. The theory behind chemotherapy is that the drugs attack fast growing cells.  The cancer cell is a fast growing cell as is hair and red blood cells which is why hair loss and anemia are big side effects of this procedure.

For as long as chemotherapy has been around, there has been theories as to why it creates something called chemo-brain or chemo fog; that loss of mental faculties that slows the person down in their thinking and ability to multi-task.

There are lots of theories about what creates chemo brain.

We found a study that was done which has a very good validity as to why this phenomena happens.   You can read about it here  Chemo Fog Research