Are the Menopausal Symptoms Normal?

I remember a friend who had problems with menopause.   She went to a medical doctor who told her that in the past, people didn’t live as long as now, so it wasn’t a problem.  The medical doctor then tried to “balance her hormones”.

Okay, another weird fact, people didn’t live as long.   There was a 75 year anniversary of Gettysburg in which a lot of original participants in the war showed up,  They were in their 90s.  I remember at one funeral in 1916, there are about 50 of the people who were in the same division as the deceased in attendance, one was 101 years old.   We don’t  live as long?

It appears that the longevity is an average and there are reasons why people died early and thus the average age was lowered, but not true that people didn’t live so long so it wasn’t a problem.

However, menopausal symptoms are not normal.   I found this great video by Dr. Berg who sums it up quite easily.   Menopausal Symptoms Normal – Think Again