Irritable Bowel Syndrome – What is it, What to do about it

It is an intestinal disorder.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) affects the large intestine. Signs and symptoms include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation, or both.

Only a small number of people have severe signs and symptoms.

Most people with IBS experience times when the symptoms are worse and times when they improve or even disappear completely.

What are the TIPS to relieving this problem   IBS TIPS

The Hazards of Bleached Flour

In Europe, it’s illegal to use chemicals such as chlorine and bromine to bleach flour. In the US, it’s standard.

If you eat anything made from white flour in the US, including baked goods from grocery stores, restaurants and bakeries, you can assume the flour is chemically bleached.It’s another highly processed food, and here’s why it matters to your health… Bleached Bread

The Diet of the Plague

Most of us have heard about the 1300s plague or Black Death, or Bubonic Plague. I didn’t know much about it so watched a special on TV. At the end of the show, they talked about how it was the microbes that created this problem, and that man’s deadliest enemy was the microbe. I thought that was a strange idea and wasn’t sure what they were selling except maybe “fear”.

Now, an interesting part of the show talked about how after 1/2 of the population was killed by the plague, that there was more food to go around and they even had luxury foods like fruit, vegetables and meat. What? Luxury foods? Yes, it seems that before the bubonic plague, the diet of most of the populace was grains. If you follow it back that was because there had been a famine earlier. Not enough food. Now what does that type of diet do to the immune system? If you read about the plague it affected the lymph glands. What was the cause of this epidemic?

I’m sure I can find out more about this and will be writing more, but seriously, although I know that some people claim that grains are good for you (mostly the people who grow and process grains) that sort of diet is not healthy. The immune system would be compromised. So, man’s deadliest enemy isn’t the microbe, but the fact that he allows himself to eat foods that would lower his immunity and become effect of these microbes.

Here is a new article about the Diet of the Plague, What Went Wrong?

Your Condition May be Gluten Related?

Another article on Gluten.    There was a pioneering doctor who talked about Gluten being a problem in the 90s.    Was he a nut,  more like he was ahead of his time with all the evidence regarding gluten.    What symptoms are related to Gluten sensitivity,

Here is the link

You can also search our Blog for more information about Gluten.

To you health!

Another problem with Gluten-Free Foods

by Chris Daino

I got onto understanding gluten-free and found that although wheat free and a substitute for the foods people like that normally are made from wheat, that it is very high in carbohydrates.

If you look at the labels, it is high in starches, potato, rice, etc. etc. Now, we know that it increases the insulin in your body, but if that is not a concern to you, I realized it could cause other problems.

Candida or fungus or yeast is a normal part of the body, however, if it overgrows it can cause all sorts of problems.

What does this fungus thrive on – sugar.

What is carbohydrates?   Carbohydrates are long chains of glucose molecules hooked together.   And when the body digests the carbohydrates and breaks it down, it becomes glucose or sugar.

High amounts of carbohydrates become high amounts of sugar.   And if you have any overgrowth of this type of yeast, it will help it multiply.

It is something to think about when reaching for the gluten-free foods.

Remember the food you eat can create health, but it can also cause health problems.

For more information about Candida.   Go to Candida on our website

Gluten Free Foods – the New “Healthy Choice”

You have probably noticed a growing number of processed food products boasting with a label that says “Gluten-Free”.  It is the healthy choice.

It is interesting that a lot of people have gluten-free diets – they eat fruit, vegetables, meat – not processed foods.    But now you can actually buy ‘gluten-free’ pizza among many other gluten-free foods – cookies, cereals, breads, etc.

What does this all mean?   I decided to find out and here is an article on this

Gluten Free Foods – Are they healthy?