Do you Lose Weight to Get Healthy? Or Get Healthy to Lose Weight?

“First get healthy to lose weight, healthy bodies do not accumulate extra fat”.  This is a quote by Dr. Eric Berg, an expert in weight loss.   This is weight loss done by building health.

Here is another quote on the benefit of building good health that we often forward.   “when you build good health, disease tends to fade away”

I bring this up as Dr. Eric Berg has a way of building health for weight loss called the “The Kale Shake Diet”  Kale is high in anti-oxidants. phytonutrients, iron, high fiber, vitamin K, calcium, Vitamin C, Vitamin A & Potassium.    You don’t change your diet, you add the shake into your daily routine.

I’m currently checking it out and will report next week.  I’ve tried the Shake and its tastes good.  There are different recipes for making the shake and I tried the one with banana and strawberry.

Here is a link to that diet, you can download it for free.   Kale Diet

I like Dr. Berg’s videos and will forward the ones I find very helpful.

To your health!


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