Reverse Tooth Decay?

What?  Reverse Tooth Decay?   I was surprised when I read this title as I’ve been told my whole life that once a tooth is decayed the dentist will try and clean it out with his drill and fill it.  And thereby hopefully somehow saving the tooth. And, of course, if it is too far gone, the inevitable words, it will have to be pulled.

I myself have had too many teeth pulled and so was interested in finding out what this was about.   I was surprised to find out that this research was done in 1922 yet I’ve never heard anything about it. Or maybe I wasn’t really surprised that the research was  never followed up on.  It is amazing the research you can find not acted upon if you search for it.

Here is the article, I very much want to share it and will be doing follow up research myself

Reversing Tooth Decay

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Chemo Brain (Chemo Fog) Research

The medical doctors, who use drugs to address disease, usually just cover up the symptoms of that disease and make the patient feel better.   With cancer, they use the drug to attack these cells and tumors which attack a health body. The theory behind chemotherapy is that the drugs attack fast growing cells.  The cancer cell is a fast growing cell as is hair and red blood cells which is why hair loss and anemia are big side effects of this procedure.

For as long as chemotherapy has been around, there has been theories as to why it creates something called chemo-brain or chemo fog; that loss of mental faculties that slows the person down in their thinking and ability to multi-task.

There are lots of theories about what creates chemo brain.

We found a study that was done which has a very good validity as to why this phenomena happens.   You can read about it here  Chemo Fog Research

The True Cost of Health Care and Your Hospital Bill

Health care, or bills from the doctor and hospital, seems to dominate the news when it comes to ObamaCare and the upset of many people have about it.

Found this article regarding the costs of hospital bills and drugs that is enlightening.  I was surprised to find out that getting the genetic drug out of pocket is cheaper than the co=pay for name brand drugs.   I don’t take medications, only natural substances – not chemicals – go into my body.  But for those who choose medical care,it is worth reading this article.

You can find it here Cost of Health Care

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