What are alternative Cancer Treatments?

When we think of cancer, we think of the standard medical treatments – chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. We don’t have to list them as there is a lot written in hundreds of websites that you can find by searching the internet.

Most people have heard that there are alternative methods and that most of these are from outside the US.   But what are they?

We’ve heard from different people about the alternative methods that have been used and with their successes.  McVitamins now has a page that lists that various alternative treatments that we have been made aware of.  The list will grow as new methods are found.

You can find the list along with websites and books about these methods, so you can investigate and make up your own mind.

Cancer Treatments

Why you don’t want to eat GMO Foods?

GMO means genetically modified foods.   Nothing like altering what nature intended.  There are lots of excuses why this is done, but, of course, it usually all comes down to someone wants to make more money.

Okay, but is there no difference in the food, or is it going to be a problem.

Here is an article which goes over research done on this and gives eleven scientific reasons why you shouldn’t eat GMO foods. .  Worth reading

Eleven Scientific Reasons Not to Eat GMO Foods

Are you confused about what you’ve been told about Neuropathy?

You might be confused by all the names that are given to “Neuropathy”.   Neuropathy or nerve damage is called by the cause of the neuropathy or by the type of nerve affected or by the area that is affected.

It can get confusing, so an article was written to try and give all the different names that neuropathy is called.

Hoping to clear up the confusions – go to Are you Confused about What You’ve Been Told about Neuropathy?

Do you treat the symptoms or the cause of the problem?

I’ve come across this quite often where some health problem is treated by addressing the symptom instead of find out why that symptom exists and treating that.    How many medical doctors think that they are naturopaths by addressing sleep with tart cherry instead of a drugs.   But they are still treating the symptoms.  Finding out why the person can’t sleep and treating that would be a nutritional handling of the problem.

Here is a video done by Dr. Eric Berg on What is the Cause of Fatigue?   He goes over this exact point.

To your Health.

Are the Menopausal Symptoms Normal?

I remember a friend who had problems with menopause.   She went to a medical doctor who told her that in the past, people didn’t live as long as now, so it wasn’t a problem.  The medical doctor then tried to “balance her hormones”.

Okay, another weird fact, people didn’t live as long.   There was a 75 year anniversary of Gettysburg in which a lot of original participants in the war showed up,  They were in their 90s.  I remember at one funeral in 1916, there are about 50 of the people who were in the same division as the deceased in attendance, one was 101 years old.   We don’t  live as long?

It appears that the longevity is an average and there are reasons why people died early and thus the average age was lowered, but not true that people didn’t live so long so it wasn’t a problem.

However, menopausal symptoms are not normal.   I found this great video by Dr. Berg who sums it up quite easily.   Menopausal Symptoms Normal – Think Again